By my friend Alex Warhol !

"Lola the cat"

"Spike the dog"


By Alex Rezende
(veja mais)


William Duncan said...

I hope you like these images!The most important part of my life here in Paraty.My family/world.

magda said...

Welcome to my blog William and many thanks for so kindly comment!
I admired the modern paintings and your job with the mosaic de vidro!!!
Shown in the pictures with your smiling face, how much love your art!
I wish you success in your exhibitions!
Many greetings from Greece

William Duncan said...

Thanks,Magda.I'm really pleased that you like my work.

dianne said...

Sorry I am so late getting here dear William, I have just been over at Alexandre's blog looking at the photos from the exhibition.
I love your world of colours, paints, masks and mosaics, I can see that you enjoy your work.
These images in the style of Warhol are great, I especially love Lola the cat, she is so sweet.
xoxoxo ♡